Casing Circulating Packer

The Casing Circulator packer is made up to the power swivel via a 4-1/2” IF connection with a separate hydraulic line to inflate the packer element. The hydraulic line runs from the TAM supplied pump console to the inflatable packer element on the Casing Circulator packer.

Rig Up Sequence Features:

  • Rig top drive
  • Make up TAM Casing Circulator packer to top drive
  • Install bails, elevators, and single pick-up braided line


  • Runs as an integral part of casing operations with minimal installation
  • Fills the casing while running – no separate fill-up line required
  • Converts quickly to circulating mode – no need to set slips
  • Internal check valve prevents mud from dripping on the rig floor

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