External Inflate (EI/EW)

TripSAVR™ is a new external-inflate packer that enables pressure-testing of the various internal seals and connections of a Lower Marine Riser Package (LMRP) offline, at the surface. The TripSAVR™ consists of an exposed slat inflation element mounted on an externally-inflated packer assembly.  Selective testing of individual seals and connections within the LMRP is performed with the packer in either the primary or inverted configuration.


  • Flush bottom serves as a locator allowing for correct space-out and testing of any LMRP.
  • Specially designed pump-in sub allows the use of any hydraulic pump for inflation and pressure testing, freeing up the rig pump for other operations
  • Capable of being inverted, allowing for pressure tests from above or below the desired area, where the exposed slats act as an anchor to hold the packer in place during testing


  • Adaptation of the field-proven External-Inflate (EI) line of packers
  • By allowing testing at surface, reduces HSE exposure incurred through additional riser trips when a leak is detected at the sea floor
  • A LMRP leak detected at the surface instead of on the ocean floor would result in a considerable cost-savings for the operator


  • TripSAVR™ eliminates a potential major cause of lost-time on offshore rigs by enabling offline, surface testing of the various internal seals and connections of a LMRP

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