JUMBO-J and MonsterPak

The high-strength premium TAM-J (JUMBO-J) incorporates the field-proven design of the standard TAM-J that has been in use since 1984. Premium connections throughout provide higher torque and tensile ratings. The MonsterPak version includes 2 inflation elements in series to improve operational reliability in casing sizes greater than 20” OD.


  • The TAM-J can be operated using a variety of choke mechanisms and is available with the standard “J” track or non-rotational “Straight-J”
  • The 7” OD tool body, called the JUMBO-J, is available to accept 7” through 14-1/2” OD elements
  • The MonsterPak  features 2 inflation elements to improve anchoring and differential pressure rating


  • Will set in a variety of large casing sizes (up to 30”) or open hole
  • No slips to damage casing
  • Can run and retrieve through restrictions


  • Selective testing
  • Perforation squeeze
  • Mechanical integrity testing
  • Shoe tests

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