RR Tool (Retrievable, Resettable)

The TAM RR Tool is a multiple set inflatable packer that can easily be converted from a production packer to a bridge plug in order to evaluate zones both above and below the packer. An internal bypass from above to below the packer element assures equalization across the packer while inflating. The bypass is closed when weight is slacked off.


  • 4-1/4” through 7” sizes available
  • Band check seal element simplifies inflation mechanism
  • Right-hand rotation to retrieve, and slack off to lock in inflation pressure, are the only requirements to operate


  • Single or multiple leg testing for horizontal wells
  • Fast evaluation or stimulation above or below packer
  • Easily converts downhole between bridge plug and packer


  • Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Open hole proppant fracs
  • Stimulation

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