TAM-J Multiple Set Inflatable Packer System

The TAM-J was designed and patented in 1984 to provide a reliable tool for multiple inflate/deflate cycles. It remains the most reliable, re-settable inflatable packer in the industry. The development was oriented toward a simple mechanism that had been used on various mechanical packers for many years. It is capable of setting multiple times downhole (57 is the record).


  • Run through restrictions to set in open or cased hole
  • The TAM-J can be operated using a variety of choke mechanisms and is available with the standard “J” track or non-rotational “Straight-J”
  • Uses sliding sleeve valve mechanism versus check valve (competitors) for excellent reliability in dirty fluids
    TAM-J – “J” slot – simple operation
  • Pressure workstring and apply right-hand torque. Slack off and pin travels in the “J” slot to bottom
  • Release torque to allow “J” pin to lock packer set. Release pressure “Straight-J” version used when running in horizontal well or on coiled tubing
  • Requires NO rotation – simply up and down motion to operate Same benefits as TAM-J


  • Downhole resettable
  • Easy conversion to straddle tool
  • Uses weave or slat type inflation elements
  • Will set in open hole or casing


  • Selective testing
  • Selective treating
  • Perforation squeeze
  • Mechanical integrity testing

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