Cold Cutting

The tube cutting machines are accurate in cutting and/or beveling tubes and pipes of all schedules individually or in one simultaneous operation. These machines are especially designed to machine heavy wall tubes and pipes. They are very robust and can be installed in various positions. Their split frame configuration allows their opening in 2 half-shells. For the manual clamping 4 independent adjustable jaws are used.


  • Field adjustable bearings.
  • No heat affected zone
  • Rugged, low friction bearing system.
  • Counter bore modules for accurate LD. Machining.
  • Completely enclosed drive gears for operator’s safety.
  • Adjustable clamping jaws for maintaining concerning cuts.
  • Machining and clamping capacity: A variety of tool sizes for pipe severing & beveling from 2″ to 78″ in Diameter.
  • Bevel forms: Facing, 30 and 37°30 bevel, J-bevel, compound bevel, others on request
  • Feed: Automatic with clutch
  • Motorization: Powerful pneumatic or hydraulic drive motors.



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