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Subsea Dual Pin Drill

This easy-to-operate portable drill features opposing drills to cut down on drilling time. Hinged brackets for fast mounting, up to 30 inch capacity, and sturdy construction make this an ideal tool for offshore use.


  • A DPD is used typically to make horizontal holes for inserting a lifting pin for safe lifting
  • DPD is used in conjunction with the DWS to provide a very efficient method of cutting and decommissioning pipeline, conductors, and multiple grouted strings
  • Pipe Diameter Range: 16 to 30 inches
  • Drill Head Stroke: 21 inches Hydraulic Motor
  • Performance: 44 to 348 rpm, 94 to 102 ft-lbs torque @ 2 to 15 gpm, 1000 psi continuous pressure
  • Cut using two carbide drills 4 ½”
  • The drill is capable of holes up to 6” in dia., and 14” deep per side.



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