Since 1998, POSS provides a wellhead preheating and welding services to various large petroleum and gas companies inside and outside Egypt.

POSS has welded hundreds of wellheads utilizing highly qualified welding engineers and American Welding Society “AWS” certified welders that could produce a quick and efficient welds as per Manufacture procedures.

Maximum performance and fastest operation under extreme conditions

POSS used the up to date Portable Welding machines that ensure providing the maximum performance and excellent welding behavior for welding rods Even under challenging operating conditions at the generator or on 200 m long cables, the arc of the new machines presented at the Euroblech trade fair remains absolutely stable,

Innovative Preheating system:

  • Portable Light Wight
  • Mobile, robust housings,
  • Temperature measurement to control the temperature of the flange
  • Temperature control by fully automatic program-controllers
  • Special versions available for specific requirements

The Ceramic Preheating System:

  • The ceramic heaters provides an homogeneous thermal energy which controls the temperature during all steps of welding operations,

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